Friday, 3 February 2012

Badge Friday: Mistar Urdd

Mistar Urdd Badge
The 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Urdd Gorbaith Cymru literally the Welsh Language of Hope but usually translated as the Welsh League of Youth (referred to in Wales as The Urdd) was celebrated across many Welsh language schools last Friday.

For the past 36 years the triangular red,white and green logo has had a personification in the form of Mistar Urdd, created by Wynne Melville Jones.

Mistar Urdd has subsequently toured schools and visited the Eisteddfod to the delight of many children and even had a tongue-in-cheek homage paid to him by The Super Furry Animals.

This gem from Rachel's badge collection reflects the early days of Mistar Urdd (possibly 1970s/80s) and a pleasure to feature on Badge Friday!

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