Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Davy Jones 1945 - 2012

Davy Jones 1945 - 2012
I'm saddened to learn tonight of the passing of singer, musician and actor Davy Jones, the only British member of the 60s pop band The Monkees.

Frequently described as the first manufactured pop group, The Monkees consisting of Davy, Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork and scored several hits around the world between 1966 and 1969. These included I'm A Believer, Daydream Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday and A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You. 

Their popularity rose due to their weekly TV series which after it finished in late 1968 continued to rerun around the world for decades afterwards. Following the groups’ disbandment in the early 70s they would regularly reform and tour with several line ups, frequently featuring Davy and Mickey at the helm.

In 1996, to commemorate the bands 40th anniversary the original group members of the Monkees reformed for a world tour. Rachel and I were fortunate enough to catch the Monkees live in Cardiff and it was a fantastic night. I particularly remember Davy been full of energy and sending some of the older ladies of the audience crazy to a point they were throwing undergarments at him. 

The Monkees were four individual talents whose creative ability was sometimes hindered by their producers or peoples preconceptions of them. In the end they were a great pop group, full of fun and recorded some pop classics that will continue to endure. Davy Jones was a big part of that unit and he will be sorely missed, thank you Davy!

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  1. As a kid I loved watching The Monkees. It was only years later that I came to appreciate just how good those songs were.



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