Sunday, 5 February 2012

Illustrated Retrospace: Just A Minute at 45

Nicholas Parsons has hosted Just A Minute
since December 1967 - Radio Times 1973
Tomorrow, without repetition, hesitation or deviation the 62nd series of Just A Minute will commence on BBC Radio 4 at 18:30 Hrs. Created by Ian Messiter, the series will celebrate its 45th year on air, the first Just A Minute having been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 1967.

As ever, Nicholas Parsons continues to present and is joined by series regular Paul Merton, but here's a brief trip through some golden moments of the show courtesy of Radio Times cuttings...

A Radio Times Billing from
November 17, 1969 
In the above listing from Radio Times, regular Just A Minute panelists Kenneth Williams, Clement Freud and Derek Nimmo are joined by actress Fenella Fielding. Notice the plug for Derek Nimmo's stint in Charlie Girl.
Radio Times Cutting from February 1971
The Rt. Hon Barbara Castle joined the Just A Minute Regulars in February 1971...

Radio Times Cutting From September 1974
The dream team of Just A Minute regulars for its first few decades consisted of Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo, Kenneth Williams and Peter Jones. Several of these shows are now available on Compact Disc from AudioGO.

Radio Times Cutting
- February 1979
Kenneth Robinson and Goodie Tim Brooke-Taylor joined the Just A Minute team for half an hour of fun in February 1979.

Radio Times Cartoon From 1978
Kenneth Williams and Derek Nimmo featured alongside this delightful cartoon commissioned for Radio Times in 1978 alongside guest panelists Bernard Cribbins and Sheila Hancock.

A recent image of series host with regular Paul
Merton who has made frequent appearances on Just A Minute
since the 1980s - BBC Media
Just A Minute enters its 45th year with a new radio series and talks of a tv series also to be fronted by Nicholas Parsons. Happy Birthday Just A Minute!

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