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Laugh Again With Bob Hope in The Laugh Makers

The Laugh Makers
Courtesy of Joe Bev.Com
For over two decades writer Bob Mills wrote scripts, gags and one-liners for film star and comedian, Bob Hope. Mills worked as part of a team of gag writers for the legendary comic and ultimately gained credits on no less than 85 television Specials.

Mills recalls these times in an audio reading of his book The Laugh Makers going behind the scenes of Bob Hope's famous TV specials, recounting stories of fellow gag writers and a cavalcade of legendary guest stars including George Burns, Milton Berle, Lucille Ball, Danny Thomas, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Bob Mills spirited reading of The Laugh Makers recalls decades worth of anecdotes with fun, enthusiasm and affection supplemented in many places with some of the classic material he and other writers wrote for Bob Hope during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hope was one of the last true performers of the Vaudeville era and his professionalism and keenness to deliver a perfect show comes across in The Laugh Makers. On one occasion; Bob Mills recalls a comedy sketch that had to be remounted when it was noticed at playback the naval officers featured were wearing the wrong insignia on their uniforms.

Another anecdote relates to the first moon landing in 1969. Keen to get a few jokes in about the historic event, Hope called the TV studio to have the pre- recorded TV special paused to enable him to insert a few gags relevant to the moon landing live on air - a precarious scenario even for 1969 - but one that subsequently worked.

The Laugh Makers is far from an expose on Bob Hope, if anything it reflects the star in a very good light, as someone who worked extremely hard to deliver comedy to his audience conducting his work in a fun but professional manner.

Even though The Laugh Makers reflects the latter decades of Hope's career, Bob Mills also recalls comical stories from Hope's wartime Hollywood career including a few teasing glimpses of his days working alongside Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour on the Road movies.

Bob Mills also recounts his own personal road to laughter as an up and coming script-writer which included an early encounter with Bob Hope in the 1950s, decades before he would write for him. These personal accounts never detract from the ongoing story and serve to create a broader and even more personalised account of events.

The Laugh Makers provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of the writers who wrote for Bob Hope and a revealing insight into the legend himself. Running for approximately 11 hours and 24 minutes, The Laugh Makers is available as a download along with many other exciting and original audio titles from the Joe Bev Experience.

The Laugh Makers is a fabulous tribute to the legendary Bob Hope and his script-writing team and is an essential document of comedy history leaving the listener recalling the sentiments of Bob Hope's signature tune "Thanks for the Memory" and we are!

To purchase the Laugh Makers on audiobook visit Joe Bev's website

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