Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New AudioGO Releases - It Sticks Out Half A Mile and Parsley Sidings

Parsley Sidings -
Used With Permission: AudioGO
AudioGO have announced several new Vintage comedy releases for March including two Dad's Army related titles.

Parsley Sidings By Jim Eldridge

The first release, Parsley Sidings by Jim Eldridge sees Arthur Lowe, Kenneth Connor, Liz Frazer and Ian Lavender star in four episodes of the radio comedy series set in a sleepy railway station. 

The recordings featured in this collection broadcast between 1971 and 1973 are among the few that survive in the BBC archive. They include:
  • Goodbye Parsley Sidings (Series 1, Episode 10)  Horace Hepplewhite gets promoted and leaves for pastures new, but his replacement seems a right old ogre. 
  •  The Entente Cordiale (Series 2, Episode 3) After an exchange visit to France, the Head of French Rail is keen to see Gloria's tannoy. 
  •  A Night Out (Series 2, Episode 4)  Thanks to Percy and Bert, a lady misses the last train to Birmingham and has nowhere to stay the night. 
  •  The New Level Crossing (Series 2, Episode 8)  What will happen to Bradshaw now that Parsley Sidings gets a new automated level crossing? 

Parsley Sidings is available as an audio download from March 1st 2012 and on CD from March 8th 2012.

It Sticks Out Half A Mile...Continued
Used With Permission: AudioGO
It Sticks Out Half A Mile By Harold Snoad And Michael Knowles

Ian Lavender returns in the radio sequel to Dad’s Army in It Sticks Out Half A Mile... Continued which also features John Le Mesurier, and Bill Pertwee.

The collection features :
  • Inspecting the Piles (Episode 4) In order to save money, Hodges, Pike and Wilson decide to inspect the foundations of Frambourne Pier in an inflatable rubber dinghy  at night. 
  • Pike in Love (Episode 5)  Uncle Arthur is called in to give Pike a lesson on the birds and the bees. 
  • The Friends of Frambourne Pier (Episode 6)  Pike and Hodges decide to launch a campaign asking for volunteers. And so The Friends of Frambourne Pier Association (FOFPA) is born. 
  • The First Meeting (Episode 7) The first meeting of The Friends of Frambourne Pier Association is convened. Arthur Wilson attends, but has to explain his evening out to a suspicious Mrs Pike. 
It Sticks Out Half A Mile... Continued is now available on CD while the audio download format will be available from March 1st 2012.

Check Out AudioGO’s website for full information on their comedy releases.

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