Tuesday, 6 March 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I was stumbling through Stumbleupon the other week (what else does one do on Stumbleupon) when I came across this pin for a 30 Day Drawing Challenge featured on Allison Lehman's Show and Tell Blog.

I've since seen a similarly titled motivator on Facebook, the premise is the same however.

I've been stuck in a real rut for ages with my drawing, I used to love sitting down and sketching. Sometimes I'd draw something and it would come out okay, other days I'd be way off mark. I used to draw quite frequently and even things like doodles and cartoons would come naturally.

The key thing is making time, and I frequently make 101 reasons why I don't have time. Well after several half hearted attempts I decided to take this 30 day challenge.

Now I have to confess, I started a week last Saturday, did  a second drawing on the Sunday and didn't pick up my pencils again until last Saturday. I've now completed my sixth drawing.

I'm continuing on with the project as I'm actually starting to get into it now and I will shortly post my first sketch. They are all very loose, but they are meant to be.

If anyone else fancies having a go feel free to download the pin above. All credit to the original bloggers and thank you for the inspiration!

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