Friday, 9 March 2012

Badge Friday: Keith Harris and Orville

Orville and Keith Badge - 1980s
This weeks Badge Friday has been kindly sent to me by my friend and colleague Ceri Garner-Jones who recently uncovered several pin badges from her childhood.

Back in the 1980s , ventriloquist Keith Harris was always a popular attraction on television with his puppets Cuddles the monkey and Orville the green duck.

Keith and Orville even entered the top 40 record chart with Orville's Song and it seemed the sky was the limit for Keith and his duck. Except it wasn't, Orville couldn't fly so he stayed firmly at Keith's side.

Not that the audiences minded, Keith and Orville packed in lots of TV and theatre appearances. Ceri acquired this badge from Cardiff New Theatre in the 1980s where Keith and Orville were regular visitors including appearances in two pantomimes Robinson Crusoe (1980-81), Humpty Dumpty (1983-84) and The Keith Harris Show (1983).

30 years on Keith and Orville are still going strong - check out their website for further information.

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