Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Monkee Mayhem: The Monkees Comic Strip

Sorting through our Monkees CD's last week I found this little gem tucked away in our Listen To the Band box set.

I'm suspecting its an item Rachel and I picked up on ebay or at a comic fair several years ago.

Its the second edition of The Monkees published by Dell Comics published for May 1967 and features a fabulous photo of the pre-fab four with a floral guitar on the cover.

The zany caricatured humour of The Monkees TV series worked just as well on the printed page as it did on television.

For instance the boys could find themselves unwittingly involved with a spy ring, Davy Jones could fall in love (again!) and scenarios changed from one page to the next at the drop of Mike Nesmith's hat (which seems to be red in the cartoon version for some peculiar reason!).

The stories featured in this edition (priced at 12C) include Waiter! There's A Spy In My Soup and Snow White and The Four Monkees..

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