Friday, 6 April 2012

Badge Friday: Dinosaur

Dinosaur Badge
Here's another unusual badge from Rachel's collection. This appears to feature the bones of two dinosaurs in gold set against a racing green background.

Rachel has little information about the badge - so if anyone can shed any light on it - I'd be happy for you to leave a comment!

UPDATE - 6th April, 2012

Ceri Garner-Jones who has kindly sent me some badges for recent posts also has this badge and says: "Any chance Rachel went to Dan-yr-Ogof caves or a dinosaur exhibition at the museum in Cardiff back in the 80s? Am sure it came from one of these! How very odd we both have this mysterious badge :)"

This actually jogged Rach's memory as she went to both Dan-Yr-Ogof and The Museum. I've tweeted both for confirmation so stay tuned!

FURTHER UPDATE - 31 May, 2012

I have since had it confirmed by Dan-Yr-Ogof  that this certainly wasn't one of their badges which means it most likely originated from Cardiff Museum.

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