Saturday, 21 April 2012

Doctor Who Sound Effects Revisited On Vinyl For Record Store Day

Out Of This World - reissued on vinyl for
Record Store Day

Today is Record Store Day and many record stores up and down the UK are celebrating with special events and plugging special vinyl releases.

Two releases of note are a collaboration between AudioGO and Discovery Records.

Who can forget the thrill of first hearing those ethereal Doctor Who sound effects, and the Pavlov-like response they created during each subsequent episode? 

Those evocative electronic whooshes, sinister pulses and insistent beats, created by the brilliant BBC Radiophonic Workshop, drew us into an enthralling world of time travel and fabulous alien creatures. 

Now you can relive those glory days with the reissue of two classic vinyl LPs of the 1970s, released to coincide with Record Store Day. 

Doctor Who Sound Effects iss reissued on vinyl
Radiophonic Workshop fans can enjoy these limited-edition digitally-remastered sound effects from Doctor Who and several other 1970s TV series, produced on vinyl, with original album sleeve notes. 

Out of This World, first released in 1976, includes tracks of memorable sound effects created for a wide range of BBC radio and TV programmes in three categories: Outer Space which includes elements from Doctor Who; Magic and Fantasy, and Suspense and the Supernatural, many designed to evoke supernatural soundscapes rather than specific activities or locations, with titles such as Galactic Travel, Magic Carpet Flight and Phantoms of Darkness which are guaranteed to cast their spell. 

Doctor Who Sound Effects, first released in 1978, features the ambiance of seven alien worlds as well as some extraordinary and extra-dimensional occurrences encountered on Earth. Add to these an audiogram of the Doctor¹s own mind processes, TARDIS operations, and some weapons for self-defence, and your galactic safety is ensured. Both titles are reissued with their original sleeve artwork and notes.  

Read my recent review on Doctor Who SoundEffects which is also available on CD from AudioGO.

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