Friday, 13 April 2012

Frank Williams and Bernard Holley In Z Cars Short

Frank Williams at the Dad's Army
40th anniversary celebrations in 2008
- Andy Howells
I was in contact this week with the actor Bernard Holley who has appeared in many TV drama and comedy series over the years.

As I was perusing Bernard's CV I noticed he had recently revisited his character of PC Newcombe from the TV series Z Cars in a short play by Oliver Crocker entitled A Lot of Fuss About Light and amongst the cast is none other than our favourite Dad's Army vicar Frank Williams.

The short is very enjoyable and everyone involved gives a great performance - if you love the spirit of 1960s drama and Z Cars you can see the short above.

Frank also made two other appearances in Z Cars in the episodes Teamwork (1962) and Light The Blue Paper (1963).

Frank also appeared on this weeks Aled Jones with Good Morning Sunday. You can hear the programme on BBC iPlayer until Sunday.

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