Monday, 30 April 2012

In Pictures: Carmarthen Scenes And Memories

Carmarthen has changed quite a lot since I was a student there in the mid-90s, though some buildings have remained relatively untouched (despite the odd lick of paint or makeover). Here are some of my memories with a few new pictures:
The Angel Vaults
I only ever went into the Angel Vaults once, as pretty as it looked from the outside there was a huge danger of falling over the bar when you entered through the door. It was a very popular pub amongst many in Carmarthen, so no doubt some people had much better co-ordination than me.

The Mansel Arms
Rachel and I used to live around the corner from The Mansel Arms when we were students. The pub was literally at the end of the road and we would usually go in and order a breakfast 10 minutes before they ended. They were usually the best in Carmarthen...

Guildhall Square
As a student, I probably woalked into Guildhall Square most days, especially looking for boks at WH Smiths and Woolworths.

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