Wednesday, 25 April 2012

In Pictures: Ice Cream On Amroth Beach

Ice Cream On Amroth Beach
Here's an image I took last Thursday following our trip to Narberth. We stopped off at Amroth for a few hours which had a very quiet beach and had quite a chilled afternoon.

It wasn't exactly warm but the sun did peek out for a bit, we also visited the Pirates Ice Cream and gift shops on the sea front. As Rachel and the children enjoyed their drinks I decided to snap a couple of pictures.

I quite like this image of Rach and the children wrapped up warm eating Ice Cream with the old Wall's Ice Cream sign at the forefront promoting summer. A bit of a contradiction but a bit of a giggle.

Again I added the painted effect on my mobile phone.
Instagram image by Rachel
An addition to this post is the image of the children and I having an Ice Cream taken by Rachel - love the Instagram effect!

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