Sunday, 22 April 2012

In Pictures: Llansteffan Castle and Beach Panoramas

Grounds of Llansteffan Castle
It's been a good week off work and from Wednesday to Friday this week Rachel, the children and myself  went back to Carmarthen for a few days. Over the few days we visited a few places including Llansteffan Beach on Friday in which the boys excitedly lead the way up to the castle.

A view from the top of the castle
I hadn't visited the castle in some years and I don't ever recall going into the grounds (though Rachel informs me I did) anyhow I decided I'd take a few pics this time to capture some of the marvellous views.

Another view from the top of the castle
These panoramic pictures were taken on my mobile hence the dips in contrast and the ones above were taken from the very top turret of the castle (where I climbed to with the boys).

On Llansteffan Beach
There were quite a few nice views and an impending sense that it was going to rain. It did get cloudy at a few points and there were even a few rumbles of thunder but the rain did stay away (even though a few drops hit the back of our necks).

A view of Llansteffan Beach from The Castle Grounds
There were also very few people about as children had already gone back to school - this was the quietest I'd ever visited the beach in some time!

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