Thursday, 5 April 2012

John Le Mesurier - Born 100 Years Ago Today In 1912

John Le Mesurier pictured with
Dennis Potter in 1971 - Radio Times
Raise a glass today  to remember Dad's Army's very own Sergeant Wilson, the actor John Le Mesurier, who was born John Elton Le Mesurier Halliley in Bedford on April 5th 1912.

John, of course is remembered for countless appearances on film and television and even now, barely a week elapses without a Le Mesurier appearance on radio or television, either in a rerun of Dad's Army or a classic British film in which he plays a strong supporting role.

John's greatest accolade was winning a BAFTA award for his 1971 portrayal of Adrian Harris in the Dennis Potter play Traitor.

Such is the legacy and quality of John's work he is still a fondly remembered actor and has been the subject of numerous books, including his own autobiography, a fond tribute by his widow Joan and a more recent biography by Graham McCann.

See the original Radio Times Cover and programme billings for Traitor over at Retrospace


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