Sunday, 22 April 2012

Music Finds: The Rat Pack and The Originals

I've been impressed with a large selection of CD's recently made available through the retail store Poundland. Usually known for their odd bargain various stores have recently been selling refurbished CD's for a pound each.

Here's two I acquired yesterday.

Eee-O Eleven - The Best Of The Rat Pack
Its nearly a decade since some bright spark at Capitol Records realised that the 50 year copyright was nearly up on early recordings by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, so what better way to reboot the kings of cool back catalogues by bringing together a collection of songs in the form of Eee-O Eleven The Best of The Rat Pack that popularised their Rat Pack shows at the sands hotel in the early 60s?

The CD features a sticker proudly proclaiming "The First Official Collection". One wonders how many collections have been produced since?

Numerous compilations have followed, many featuring tracks of varying quality, yet this compilation featuring Me and My Shadow, Volare, Sam's Song and Eee-O Eleven is arguably the best.

Originals helms back to 1993 and is a collection of 14 super cool retro tracks that featured prominently in the Jeans commercials from the mid 80s onwards. In fact looking at this list including Sam Cooke's Wonderful World, Ben E King's Stand By Me, The Clash's Should I Stay Or Should I Go and Dinah Washington's Mad About The Boy, it's a stark reminder of how many of these songs actually achieved more popular success years after they were recorded.

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