Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The First Record I Bought: Part 5

Little Richard's Tutti Frutti on 78RPM format!
Here’s the fifth part of my feature on peoples first record choices featuring further comments from my Twitter feed from fabulous and even famous Tweeters. I’ve been really pleased with the response especially as so many people (many well known names) so readily responded to my request to share their first record purchases.

Music has so many special memories for us and continues to produce them as life goes on until we ultimately build our own personal soundtracks.

Today’s post will be the final regular one featuring famous first records (though if I get more responses I will certainly collate and post them accordingly in the future), if you would like to tell me yours please feel free to drop me a comment or an e-mail.

Anyway here are the last selections…

Mud - Shake it Down
Nigel Corten (Sixties Stalwart - He was there!)
Via Facebook: "My first record was a 78 rpm version of Tutti Frutti,bought in Newport's BHS store which is now the front of the old Market in High Street, in about 1956. I played it on a gramophone that my grandfather made himself from spare pieces of wood, an old speaker and a turntable. What a guy!"

Andy Walmsley (Random Radio Jottings Blogger)
@RetrospaceAndy: “Not 100% sure but may have been Mud 1976 hit Shake It Down - still have the single” 

Kal Lavelle (Musician/Singer)
@KalLavelle:”Happy Easter to you too! #firstrecordbought#OKcomputer #Radiohead”

Nina Toussaint-White (Actress – Mel in Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler)
@NinaToussaint: “Yes! It was It’s In His Kiss by Cher

The Rolling Stones - Poison Ivy EP
Katerina Stamatelos (Classical Musician)
@KatStamatelos: “Hmmmm, that goes back into...dark ages! Maybe it was Khatchturjan's 2nd symphony

Tiernan Douieb (Comedian)
@TiernanDouieb: “It was a cassette of A-Ha's Hunting High & Low. I was aged 5, and used pocket money & parent bribing. :-)”

Emma Jackson (Singer/songwriter Ex-Kenickie/Rosita)
@EmmakJackson:”Happy Easter to you too, I think the first 7" I went to the shop to buy by myself was Eternal Flame by The Bangles.”

Darren Boyd (Actor)
@DarrenJBoyd: “Duran Duran The Reflex 12" I think. Happy Easter :)”

The Buggles -
Video Killed the Radio Star
Dave Stewart (Musician/Songwriter The Eurythmics)
@DaveStewart: “Poison Ivy EP Stones”

Nik West (Singer/Songwriter)
@Nikwestbass: “first record ever bought (with my own money)...Prince “The Hits" B sides

Sue Charles (BBC Wales Newsreader / Lady of Weather)
@Sue_Charles: “It was The Buggles -Video Killed the Radio Star... pretty sure it was bought in Woollies or WH Smith in Llanelli.”

Alice Gold (Singer/songwriter)
@AliceGold: “I think it was Madonna's Like a Virgin you know? I remember nicking the inlay from OurPrice so I could learn the words but felt too guilty so the next day took it back! Didn’t nick the CD only lyrics as had a ripped tape copy. “

You can join the discussion on Twitter by either following me @retrospaceandy or seeking out the topic #firstrecordbought.

There will be one more addition to the “first record I bought" feature which will be a story related to me from the actor Bernard Holley… pop back for that - it’s a good one!

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