Thursday, 5 April 2012

Those Radio Times: John Le Mesurier In Traitor

John Le Mesurier graces the cover of the 9-15 October
1971 edition of Radio Times
100 years ago today on 5th April 1912, the actor John Le Mesurier was born in Bedford, England.

John is perhaps best known as Sergeant Wilson opposite Arthur Lowe's Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army, yet it was as Adrian Harris in Dennis Potter's 1971 BBC play Traitor that he would receive his greatest accolade - a Society of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Television Actor.
John Le Mesurier with Dennis Potter
- Radio Times
Traitor the debut episode of October 1971's Play For Today series was promoted on the cover of the Radio Times and broadcast on October 14th 1971.

Original Radio Times
Billing For Traitor
Le Mesurier despite getting a cover portrait however was not given a name check on the front of that edition of Radio Times. Perhaps the publishers thought he needed no introduction?

Despite John Le Mesurier's accolade for his role Traitor has rarely been repeated on television, nor has it been released on DVD.

Lets hope this will be rectified in the near future!

Further Reading on John Le Mesurier:

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