Thursday, 17 May 2012

Favourite Film Tweets - Part 1

Withnail and I
Everyone has an all-time favourite film - well nearly everyone!

Earlier this week I asked my followers on Twitter as well as several people I followed what their favourite film of all-time was. Many came back with an answer (and some) while a few found it difficult to come up with a choice at all.

I have to admit I found it difficult. I wouldn't describe myself as a movie buff as I tend to watch movies that are over 40 years old (although I do like some modern ones).

Anyhow more about my choice and other favourites in future posts - here's my first 10 responses.

Thomas Ahearn (Fellow Tweeter)
@Slughorn42: The Wrong Box.

Steve Milne (Fellow Tweeter)
@SteveGMilne: Angels With Dirty Faces

Jessica Lee Morgan (Singer/Songwriter)
@jessleemorgan: It's got to be Withnail and I. I could quote you most of it right now. "We've come on holiday by mistake"...

Tom Webb (Comedian)
@TomWebb: If it's of 'all-time', then it would have to be The Neverending Story

Elizabeth Whycer (Fellow Tweeter)
@elizabethwhycer: Hard to nail just 1 but 2 are Mary Poppins (seen about x12 since age 6) & Local Hero (stood in that phone box in the 80s!)

Alison Moyet (Singer/Songwriter)
@AlisonMoyet1: Antonia's Line is up there.

Hannah Berney  (Singer - The Voice UK)
@HannahBerney: Dumb and Dumber :) x

Jamie Lostprophets (Lostprophets)
@JayLostprophets: Weird Science.

Becky Barnbrook (Singer/Actress)
@Beckybarnbrook: It has to be The Lion King!

Paul McGarvey (Fellow Tweeter)
@itspaulmcgroovy One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest  

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