Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In Pictures: Exploring Llansteffan Castle

Rachel, Tom and Jon exploring the castle!
Back to our recent trip to Llansteffan castle, here's Rachel, Jon and Tom otherwise occupied with exploring the grounds or taking in the view. I like this because its quite natural and seems to reflect the impending rain which was heading over to Llansteffan that day!
The castle staircase
Here's one of several staircases Jon, Tom and myself climbed to get to the top of the castle. Some of the staircases were quite dark, although the boys were quite brave and raced ahead of me. I actually thought it was quite good fun and it stirred up memories of reading adventure stories set in old castles...

At the top of the castle
Here's the boys at the top of the castle. as excited as they were the rain did start to pick and they soon left me behind as I took some images from the top.

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