Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TARDIS Tuesday - The Dalek Who Told Bible Stories

Dalek Actor 'A Star' 
In Pulpit  
- Sunday People 1982
Actor John Scott-Martin was for many years known as Dalek Number One, having played the metal meanies in most of the original Dalek serials from the classic Doctor Who series.

However, as this Sunday People report from 1982 proved, John was also "a kindly churchman who tells Bible stories".

" I have conducted services and administered the wine at Holy Communion," said John, "I wear a cassock and surplice. It's quite a change from my previous life." Indeed among John's Doctor Who credits were playing nine-foot ants, giant shrimps and being turned into a maggot.

"I've been a clergyman before," recalled John, "I had to marry Tommy Cooper to Patricia Hayes in a TV comedy show. But my church work now is much more serious."

John carried on playing Daleks right up until Doctor Who's cancellation in 1989. When the series returned in 2004 his offer to reprise his role as number one Dalek was widely publicised but seemingly overlooked by the Doctor Who production team.

John died in 2009, aged 82 and survived by his wife and daughter.

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