Tuesday, 22 May 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: When Koo Nearly Appeared On Dr Who

Guess Who's In Dr Who... It's Koo!
News Of The World
- 1984
Here's the first in a new series of features celebrating the worlds of Doctor Who.

As the series 50th anniversary approaches I thought it would be great to blow off the dust of old scrap-book cuttings I have acquired in my collection over the years.

With the arrival of Colin Baker as The Doctor in early 1984, the Doctor Who press office went into overdrive when it came to announcements about the 1985 series.

One such story of the time was the announcement that American actress Koo Stark (who also happened to be a former girlfriend of HRH Prince Andrew) would be appearing alongside Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in the next series.

Koo was of great interest to the newspapers at this time and virtually any tidbit of news about her was deemed of interest by the papers, particularly her film career and her association with a mildly erotic movie (which this 1983 article goes to great pains to mention).

"A BBC spokesman" was staying tight lipped about Koo's involvement with Doctor Who telling The News Of The World, 'It is not our policy to discuss story lines prior to broadcasting. We can however confirm that Koo will be involved in some quite unexpected encounters.'

It is believed Koo should have appeared as Rost in the 1985 serial Attack Of The Cybermen , though this role eventually went to Sarah Berber and Koo's involvement with Doctor Who wasn't spoken of again.

Koo did later make memorable appearances on both The Two Ronnies and Red Dwarf.

Interestingly enough, on April 28 2012, it was confirmed Koo would be suing News International following her belief that her phone was hacked after her relationship with Prince Andrew entered the public domain.

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