Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 Things: Doctor Who Memorabillia

Doctor Who Sonic/Laser Screwdriver Collection
I havent done a Shimelle's ten things in over a year so I'm hoping I'll get myself into gear at least once a month from now on to highlight my top tens of anything.

This month I thought I'd feature various Doctor Who items from my large collection - hope you like!

Doctor Who DVD's
Doctor Who Novels
Doctor Who Audio Tapes
Doctor Who Collectors VHS Set
Doctor Who Time Squad Figures
Doctor Who 1978 Trump Card Set
1970s Doctor Who Giant Robot Figure
Doctor Who Magazines
1970s Doctor Who Talking Dalek


  1. Cool collection. My 4 year old daughter has been walking around saying 'exterminate' since the guy appeared on Britain's Got Talent singing it. You've just reminded me I was going to buy my friend a sonic-screwdriver pen for her birthday too, I've missed her birthday now but I'll get it for her for Christmas! x

    1. Thanks Jennifer - Hope your daughter continues to enjoy Doctor Who!



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