Sunday, 24 June 2012

Daleks, Dancing and Tall People at Tredegar House

Seren humoring me by posing with a Dalek
Today the children's school took part in the folk dancing event at Tredegar House which was celebrating its been taken over by the National Trust.
Jon with a chap who eats his five-a-day
Have to admit there was a little more going on over there than we expected so was slightly taken aback by some of the events going on, although there weren't as many visitors as you would usually expect on a Summers Day (half the grounds appeared to be waterlogged thanks to the recent bout of poor weather).

Tom is always happy if he finds a branch or
a huge leaf
Anyhow we had a great time despite the odd downpour watching a Judo demonstration, chatting to some extremely tall people, watching Seren take part in the dancing and visiting a Dalek!

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