Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Olympic Flame In Cardiff

Two statues overlook the band playing outside
St David's Hall, Cardiff
Following seeing the Olympic Flame in Newport I had to hastily make my way to Cardiff as i was due to review The Christians at The Globe around 7.30pm
Shirley Bassey
It was still early afternoon but I was aware that Newport bus had removed part of their service for 3 hours because of disruption caused by the torch route. So I opted to catch the Cardiff bus around 4.30 and which proceeded to get lost when diverted along the Newport Docks road.
Owain Glyndwr
When I eventually got to Cardiff I knew I'd have a few hours to kill so thought I'd take a stroll along the city centre knowing full well Cardiff was still awaiting the arrival of the flame.
Statues including Nessa and Tom Jones with the live
BBC feed behind them
I got off the bus around the corner from st David's Hall who had a band playing outside to a backdrop of a BBC news live feed of the torch and five statues of well known Welsh figures including Shirley Bassey, Nessa Jenkins (Ruth Jones), Tom Jones and Owain Glyndwr.

Many lamp-posts had torch relay
route signs attached to to them
After a while I looked around the bargain CD shop in the St David's Centre (just to get out of the strong heat) before walking along Newport road out of town where the queues were starting to form to see the flame.
A panoramic shot of the crowds awaiting the Olympic torch
I hadn't counted on seeing it twice in a day but as there was an hour before the gig was due to start I thought I might as well and got a splendid view as it approached to the City Centre.
The procession arrives in Cardiff
I did feel slightly humbled when I saw it the second time, maybe it was the good spirit of people wishing the flame forward, it was a special feeling.
Every vehicle that appeared ahead of the torch
projected a cheer from the crowd.
I eventually got to The Christians gig at The Globe on Albany Road around 7.30pm realising I was way to early (the support Nick Ward didn't come on till 8.20 and The Christians at 9pm), but it was a very memorable (and warm) day!
The Coca-Cola van's in town!
The Olympic Torch 
Read my review of The Christians at The Globe on The South Wales Argus website.

The Christians live at The Globe, Cardiff

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