Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: The Case Of The Missing Dr Who Actress

Green Eyed Beauty-
Weekly News, 1981
The Weekly News loved featuring pictures of up and coming actresses and models in their pages in the early 80s. Allthough very light on scandal the papers love of human interest stories always (and still does) fascinates.

Yet around 1981 hungry for items for my Doctor Who scrapbook I was tormented by this item which featured pretty actress Marianne Lawrence which boastied her TV credits that included Bergerac and Doctor Who.

I ran for my Doctor Who Programme Guide by Jean Marc L'Officier. Which episode did this beautiful actress appear in? Surely I'd remember her! Hours of study bore no fruit and for years and years I would occasionally return to this cutting still resulting in no answers.

Finally I'm in the internet age and I can IMDB Marianne Lawrence and solve this mystery that hounded me for nigh on 30 years.

Yes - she was the serving wench in episode 3 of the 1981 Doctor Who story Warrior's Gate and they didn't even give her a credit!

What a disgrace!

It appears Marianne made a few other TV appearances including Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Fourth Arm and Remington Steele. Marianne's IMDB record expires after 1984 - if anyone knows what hbecame of the beautiful Marianne Lawrence - please get in touch!

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