Tuesday, 5 June 2012

TARDIS Tuesday : Tegan's Frilly Fiasco

Who's A Lucky Doctor!
- Daily Star, 1982
It seems since Doctor Who 's return to television screens in 2004, producers and writers have no problem whatsoever allowing The Doctor to kiss his companions, however back in the 1980s, this was totally out of the question.

"Even though I'm the youngest Dr Who , I honestly don't think the kids would like to see kissing in the series" then Doctor, Peter Davison commented in this newspaper report.

This story from 1982, focused on the fact that in the next series of Doctor Who, his girl assistants would "reveal more of their heavenly bodies than ever before".

Sarah Sutton who played Nyssa would finally be allowed to show her legs because so many boy viewers had wrote in asking why she usually wore trousers and Janet Fielding (Tegan) would wear "a nifty little pair of lace-edged shorts topped by a lace boob tube."

Janet Fielding complained:" My frillies are so tight I can't wear the usual thermal underwear". Who could have blamed her for complaining too, Doctor Who at this time was usually recorded in the autumn/winter months, a further valid reason for Sarah Sutton exchanging Nyssa's fairy-tale Traken dress for a warm pair of cords!

Barely out of the politically incorrect 70s, Doctor Who fans waited for the 1983 series with great excitement to see the girls new costumes - Carry On Doctor never seemed more so appropriate!

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