Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Walk At The Wetlands

Boat heading into Newport Docks
As today was the last day of a break from work (and the first day back at school for the children), Rachel and I thought we'd go to the cinema as there were so many films we wanted to catch up on.

Unfortunately the cinema wasn't in any position to show us a film (after 20 minutes of staring at a blank screen after it was due to start  we asked for a refund) and headed for a walk across the Newport Wetlands nature reserve instead.
A view of the Lighthouse
Because the weather was nice we had a great stroll and even caught sight of a huge boat been pulled into the docks by tugboats.
Rachel and I at The Wetlands
There is also the view of a lighthouse and we also decided to sign up and join the RSPB before we left as we are now frequent visitors to the Wetlands.

Join The RSPB

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  1. What a great way to still enjoy a day together! Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing, Dana



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