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Audiobook Review: Doctor Who and The Sea Devils

Doctor Who And The Sea Devils
Malcolm Hulke only novelised seven Doctor Who television stories in the 1970s, Doctor Who and The Sea Devils being his third and the sequel to Doctor Who and The Cave Monsters cataloging the Doctor’s encounter with The Silurians underwater cousins.

Like The Silurians before them in Doctor Who And The Cave Monsters, The Sea Devils are also just a little hacked off to come out of hibernation after thousands of years only to discover a new life form - the  human race -  have taken over their beloved planet.

With the help of The Doctor’s enemy The Master, the Sea Devils begin sinking ships around the English Channel, so it’s only a matter of time before The Doctor and Jo Grant turn up and try to convince the Navy something’s amiss.

Original Target
- 1974
Unlike several Doctor Who book writers of this era, Hulke preferred to rewrite elements of the television script to make them better paced books. The Sea Devils is perhaps the best example of this,

The Doctor and Jo’s arrival on the island where the Master has been imprisoned has been considerably fleshed out while security guards in the prison are given well developed and frequently entertaining personalities. Action sequences which lasted for several minutes on screen are dispensed with in favour of more entertaining dialogue (in many cases between the Doctor and the Master). 

There are some moments which will make die-hard fans jolt however including the reference to The Doctor as “Doctor Who” in one chapter and The Master’s reference to his encounter with The Ogrons which hasn't happened yet.

Geoffrey Beevers, an actor who has been associated with the role of The Master since his appearance in the 1981 TV story The Keeper of Traken, is an excellent choice to project Malcolm Hulke’s written word to the listener. Beevers doesn’t attempt to impersonate any of the actors from the original TV serial (although his portrayal of George Trenchard is close to that of Clive Morton’s) but he does catch the essence of each character enough to make Doctor Who and The Sea Devils a great listen.

Released by AudioGO, Doctor Who and The Sea Devils is available on CD and download formats and has a running time of 4 hours, 25 minutes.

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