Friday, 6 July 2012

Badge Friday: Heartbeat

Heartbeat - 1990
Here's a badge from the days when I regularly attended a local church in North Yorkshire.

This particular badge originated from a Christian pop concert I attended which turned out to be one of the last ones performed by the band Heartbeat.

Heartbeat had been dazzling churchgoers up and down the country with their praise and worship pop for several years and even scored a minor hit (and a Top Of the Pops appearance) with their song Tears from Heaven.

I remember been quite taken with the band at the time and even had one of their garish New Generation T-Shirt and a signed "best of" CD. These items have long been fobbed off on ebay, I felt Heartbeats new generation approach to the 1990s dated rather rapidly and only the pin badge survives from the gig.

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