Friday, 13 July 2012

Badge Friday: TARDIS in Durham

Tardis In Durham Badge - 1992
Although I'm a life-long Doctor Who fan (well I've been watching the show for over 40 years) I have to say I have rarely attended Doctor Who Conventions.

That's not because I dislike meeting my heroes, generally meeting any celebrity I admired on TV as a child has been a great experience. It's usually the super fans who pounce on you as soon as you enter asking if you have a rare episode of Blakes 7 or if you know Peter Davison's inside leg measurement that freak me out.

The badge above was my entry into Tardis In Durham 1992 in which I met Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Anthony Ainley (The Master),  Michael Wisher and Peter Miles (Davros and Nyder) and David Banks (The Cyber-leader).

There was also a young author at one of these conventions called Mark Gatiss who signed his Doctor Who book Nightshade for me which I bought the day before...


  1. My dad took me to this, I just unearthed a couple of TARDIS ID cards in the loft.

    I vaguely remember a rather big and jolly woman randomly threatening to exterminate people. This freaked me out and put me off conventions.

    I didn't even realise Mark Gatiss was there.

  2. I remember the person you refer too... she had the same effect on me...



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