Sunday, 8 July 2012

Maindee Festival 2012 - In Pictures

The parade arrives in Maindee Primary School
It's been an incredibly wet week here in Newport and unfortunately the weather hasn't been kind to several festivals going on in the area. However the community in Maindee pulled together to put on a splendid afternoon of events including a fabulous street parade (which we took part in) and an afternoon featuring lots of music and arts events in three tents.
Everyone got more than a bit wet in the street parade
Unfortunately as the day went on the bad weather increased. Rachel and the children had to go home early after getting a bad soaking during the parade, but not before sampling some fabulous chipsticks from one of the food vans on the grounds!
Mr and Mrs Clark entertain
Because of certain cancellations the timetable was rescheduled which sadly resulted in me missing Toypop! (I was home getting changed when they were on) however I did get to catch a fabulous array of music from Holika, Loren Balaam, Rusty Shackle and  Rogora Khart.

In the company of clowns with the Denny Dennis' troop
There was also some surreal on-the-edge comedy from Mr and Mrs Clark and Denny Dennis Company Of Clowns who appealed to audiences of all ages.
Singer/songwriter Loren Balaam  performed a brilliant set
As the rain beat down outside there was no better place than to be in that main stage tent with such great talent. Well done to organisers and all concerned.

Rusty Shackle brought some energy to the main stage

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  1. Thanks for this positive report Andy! Glad you had a good day. MF



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