Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mary Tamm - The First Lady Of Time

Mary Tamm as Romana
The passing of another legendary Doctor Who assistant today makes me recall that moment in The Five Doctors where The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) remarks that chunks of his past are been removed.

Indeed in the last year we've lost Nicholas Courtney, Elizabeth Sladen, Caroline John and now Mary Tamm.

I remember watching with great keenness the 1978-79 series of Doctor Who when The Doctor, K9 and Romana went in hot pursuit of The Key To Time, scattered in six segments throughout the universe.

Romana joined the Doctor on his travels, a Time Lady sent by the Time Lords, she was The Doctor's match and kept him on his toes. Her exchanges with The Doctor were a joy to watch.

Mary Tamm - Versatile Actress

It soon became clear however that Mary Tamm was more than just another Doctor Who assistant. Within weeks of her Doctor Who debut, she also cropped up in an episode of Return of the Saint opposite Ian Ogilvy.

Although Return of the Saint was filmed prior to her joining Doctor Who it was good exposure displaying her versatility as an actress.

In way of a tribute, I've dug out an archive interview with Mary from The Northern Echo published in 1984 when she was appearing in Good Morning Bill at The Darlington Civic Theatre.

Mary Tamm 1950-2012 - You gave us some classic Doctor Who moments which will endure.

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