Tuesday, 3 July 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: 1964 And All That

Do You Remember
Magazine Article
- Early 1980s
When compiling my Doctor Who scrap books many years ago I used to go through every morsel of printed matter in hope of finding something new about my favourite TV show.

This nostalgic look at the year 1964 for instance was culled from an early 80s women's magazine.

Peering out from the article is an image of William Hartnell with the accompanying text describing Doctor Who was launched with William Hartnell in the title role.

Not strictly true, Doctor Who as we all know began in November 1963, but still, a rare image of Hartnell (pictured in the 1966 tale The Gunfighters) was a welcome addition to my scrapbook!

Also dig the fashion pictures and a photograph of Prince Edward as a baby... groovy man!

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