Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: The Cybermen Are Back!

Radio Times - 1982
There was something quite magical about the return of the Cybermen at the climax of Doctor Who: Earthshock Part 1 back in 1982.

The Cybermen's return had pretty much been a well kept secret for those of us not privy to the Radio Times published the same day that the Earthshock Part 1 cliffhanger Cybermen reveal was broadcast.

Those who were unfortunate to turn to John Craven's Back Page saw a wonderful Frank Bellamy-esque illustration featuring the fifth Doctor and a Cyberman, which served to give the game away for The return of The Cybermen. The metal meanies hadn't appeared in Doctor Who since 1975 so their return was unexpected to many as well as a surprise.

We now face spoilers on a daily basis, in fact many current Doctor Who live in a spoiler generation but it is nice to be occasionally surprised by a plot which in the case of Earthshock carried two stings in its tale.

The John Craven feature also previewed a feature broadcast on that Saturday's edition of Did You See (presented by Ludovic Kennedy) featuring many clips of Doctor Who Monsters from old stories. A few years before video - a real treat indeed!

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