Sunday, 12 August 2012

As It Was: Dad's Army Film Review From 1971

The Dad's Army Film was released in 1971 and received a bit of a mixed reception from some critics at the time.

Here's a snippet from Eric Braun's review from Films and Filming published in May of that year:
...Director Norman Cohen has put his recruits through a series of situations which allows them to display their various idiosyncrasies as a splendidly integrated team, and achieves touches of visual poetry, as in the scene where Private Jones, obeys the general's (Bernard Archard) order to salute when helping him over a pontoon bridge. He releases his saluting hand and the section with the general mad the horse aboard is swept away by the current - at one blow a belly laugh, the deflation of pomposity (a recurring theme) and a moment of sheer beauty, thanks to Terry Maker's imaginative camerawork and the nobility of the stunning white charger who shows up the ineffectiveness of the human beings around him...
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