Monday, 27 August 2012

CD Review: 30 Years of Bananarama (Rhino)

I have to admit, the title of Bananarama's latest CD release: 30 Years Of Bananarama brought me out in a cold sweat. I recall seeing Bananarama for the first time on Top of the Pops with the Fun Boy Three back in 1982 performing It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It and it still only seems like... well ...yesterday!

30 years later and listening to Rhino’s digital re-masters of Bananarama’s  finest chart outings, the years are simply rolled away and it is just possible to experience 80s pop once again with the energy such tracks as Shy Boy, Cruel Summer and Love In The First Degree were originally intended.

30 years of Bananarama stretches from the groups punk-pop beginnings as a trio via Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s chart glories to losing one third of the band to Shakepeares Sister and ultimately redefining themselves as a disco diva duo.

Not every hit is featured on the CD but the comprehensive DVD accompanying the release pretty much does. It features no less than 33 of the bands promo videos including rarities such as Rough Justice (featuring a guest appearance from 70s BBC Newscaster Peter Woods) and the girls U.S. only single The Wild Life – so ultimately this is a real treat for 80s enthusiasts!

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