Thursday, 30 August 2012

CD Review: Beautiful Friction By The Fixx (Kirtland)

If something isn’t broken, don’t Fixx it.

Beautiful Friction is The Fixx’ 10th studio album in 30 years which as some statistics go isn’t bad for an early 80s new wave band whose biggest chart successes One Thing Or Another and Stand Or Fall were outside their UK homeland.

Not needing to live up to anything and by doing so succeeding,  The Fixx’ sound is so retro it’s in again. Imagine an 80s approach with 2012 production values and you have something here which rivals today’s bands.

Anyone Else, The Girl with No Ceiling and Small Thoughts all have a tongue in cheek irony of a band who have been around the block a few times, although the raw energy and sound displayed contradicts this making them sound remarkably fresh.

The Fixx? The 80s have never sounded so good!

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