Friday, 31 August 2012

Doctor Who: No Spoilers Here!

Asylum Of The Daleks - Can't Wait!
As I write we are counting down the hours to the first of five new Doctor Who episodes. I haven’t read any spoilers on the new Doctor Who series except that Asylum of The Daleks sees the return of the Doctors greatest foes (obviously) and that in five weeks we will bid farewell to two of The Doctor’s closest friends.

Do I want to know? Not really. I have a spoiler mad friend at work who quietly respected my wishes not to be privy to a spoiler leaked by the BBC yesterday about the new series.

My insistence of avoiding spoilers goes back as far as part 3 of Arc Of Infinity in 1983 when I stumbled across a test transmission of subtitles on Ceefax around 4 O Clock in the afternoon for that nights Doctor Who episode. I was reading the script as it rambled off on the TV screen and found to my horror that the big bad was revealed at the end of the episode!

Audiences don’t get that now; even new viewers to the classic Doctor Who series know which classic villains return in Earthshock from an artwork sleeve cover or a careless description – even though I was totally oblivious of theeir presence until the climax of the first episode back in 1982.

I know there’s some people who love spoilers… but let me keep enjoying my Doctor Who spoiler free existence and thank you producer Steven Moffat for been a keen supporter of this too!

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks? I can’t wait!

I haven’t been this excited since Destiny of The Daleks part 1 was due to be broadcast on this very same date... September 1st, 1979… what a great feeling!

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