Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Ann Hathaway restores some
original style to Catwoman
I've watched Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy with fascination.

While Christian Bale's whispered voice may have rankled with some cinema-goers I have found his portrayal of the Dark Knight much more credible and believable than some previous screen presentations. Bale never falters in the 2 hour plus epic The Dark Knight Rises, even making the most of the moments when he doesn’t have a lot to do.

Following on from the events of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne and The Batman have gone into recluse since the latter taking the rap for Harvey Dent's crimes. Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Gotham City have prided itself in clearing up crime and getting rid of the notorious Batman. However, Gotham has got too complacent and Bain has been plotting the City's downfall in a spectacular and terrifying ordeal.

The choice of drug addled adversary Bane (Tom Hardy) seems curious from the wonderful world of Batman baddies to feature in this film, although the presence of the Anne Hathaway's fabulous Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) more than restores the balance. Less cookie and complicated than Michelle Pfieiifer and more combining the sexiness of Lee Merriwether and Julie Newmar with a subtle amount of kickass, Hathaway more than makes Catwoman her own while restoring her closer to the original comic book version.

The supporting cast is also strong, Matthew Modine, Burn Gorman (yes, he formerly of Torchwood) and Tom Conteh all turn out splendid performances, while Michael Caine turns out an emotively moving performance as Alfred.

Marion Cottilard dazzles as Bruce Wayne's prospective new love interest Miranda while it is undoubtedly Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman's unofficial trainee Blake who steals the show. Blake's role increases as the film goes on to a point his own life draws similar comparisons to that of Bruce Wayne's. Trained as a Gotham law-enforcer he soon finds himself single-handedly breaking the bad guys, his only advice imparted from Batman to wear a mask if he intends to fight in the streets.

However; it will undoubtedly be the multi-layered action sequences and the terrifying devastation of Banes conquest of Gotham that will remain in the memory. A frightening fine line of real life news events merged with comic strip tyranny The Dark Knight Rises is a splendid conclusion to The Dark KnightSeries.

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