Sunday, 26 August 2012

I Always Believed In The Man On The Moon - Neil Armstrong Remembered

Neil Armstrong - Wikimedia Commons
I was sad to hear of the news of the passing of astronaut Neil Armstrong at the age of 82 last night.

I tweeted at the time: "Sad news about Neil Armstrong - a legend a year and two days after my birth and never bettered over 40 years on - RIP"

Indeed, Armstrong has always been pretty awesome in my estimation since I remember seeing TV programmes about the then current moon missions as a child. That excitement returned a few years ago along with my two young sons when we watched several documentaries about the Apollo moon landings and how they weren't as easy or as straightforward as we all might have imagined.

I was too young to remember Armstrong's historic feat, I was a year and two days old when he took that "giant leap" on July 20, 1969. But I actually feel like I was there and am pleased such a historic event happened in MY lifetime.

The ultimate tribute has come from Armstrong's own family who have said on his passing: 'Next time you walk outside on clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil and give him a wink.'

A real life trailblazer indeed and what an incredible life!

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