Monday, 20 August 2012

Mono Mondays: Elvis Presley - One Night / I Got Stung

Never has a song been sung with such passion and angst as Elvis' 1958 classic One Night. 

The song, originally titled One Night of Sin was recorded by Smiley Lewis in 1956 and in fact Elvis laid down a version of Smiley's original version in 1957. This version, a repenting rendition of a sinful act would not be released until the 1980s, because following the recording Elvis went away and recorded the song with new lyrics premeditating the fantasy he would spend for One Night with the love of his life.

The single was released in the US in 1958 and again in the UK in 1959 where it reached No.1, the single was reissued in 2005 to commemorate Elvis' 70th birthday and reached number 1 again.

Having recently heard both One Night and the original version One Night of Sin its interesting that both versions work well as a set with a before and after event scenario taking place as if a story takes place where the subject is lead off a spiritual path by lust. Even more interesting is Elvis allegedly recorded them in reverse order but both remain great records and heartfelt performances only equalled by a live TV version a decade later in 1968.


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