Saturday, 11 August 2012

On Television: Dad's Army - The Test

The game is far from cricket when Chief Warden Hodges (Bill Pertwee) challenges Captain Mainwaring’s (Arthur Lowe) platoon to a match in today’s Dad’s Army.

The wardens secret weapon is E.C. Egan who would be bowling for England if it wasn’t for the war. However the platoons success depends on an unlikely comrade.

Cricket Legend Freddie Trueman makes a special appearance in today’s Dad’s Army episode as E.C. Egan. 

Dad’s Army was not the only comedy show Fiery Fred guest-starred in having putting in an appearance as himself in the Sid James/Victor Spinetti sit-com Two In Clover earlier in 1970. Look out also for a guest appearance from Don Estelle who later found greater fame as Gunner Lofty Sugden in It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

The Test itself was later adapted for radio as The Cricket Match.

The Test will be broadcast at 19:30 hrs on BBC2 Wales – please check listings for regional variations.

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