Tuesday, 14 August 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: Davison and the Daleks

It's generally a right of passage that most Doctor Who incumbent's get to encounter The Daleks. Yet Peter Davison's one and only tv encounter with the metal meanies came very late in the day during his tenure as The Doctor in 1984.

A Dalek story had originally been scheduled for the end of Davison's second series but that didn't happen, thankfully the story was remounted for Davison's final series, seeing the departure of long standing companion Tegan (Janet Fielding).

The Daleks return to Doctor Who was big news. Their appearances had become rarer in the series since the mid-70s, and this new story would be the first in five years.

As usual, The Daleks were on hand to announce their presence to the world as this photo-call featuring Peter Davison and Janet Fielding displays.


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