Tuesday, 11 September 2012

10 Things: Ten Instagram Images

Newport Wetlands Lighthouse
This month my old phone bit the dust and Rachel finally convinced me to get a new one. I'm still coming to terms with going from pay as you go to contract because I've never been a big fan of phones full stop. However one thing i do like about my new phone is the camera and I've managed to share a few pics over the last month on Instagram. I've reproduced a few of my favourites here - hope you like.

Newport Wetlands Wildlife Scene

Chocolate Medal awarded for designing a Wilts and Glos
Standard logo by the editor.

Chocolate cake celebrating my nephew's second birthday

New Series of Doctor Who on the cover of Radio Times
Portrait of Jon
With The Canary Dragon
Breakfast for Howejam30
Self Portrait
Ice Cold Newcastle Brown Ale

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