Saturday, 22 September 2012

Doctor Who Past-Present: From The Brigadier to The Power Of Three

Tonight's episode of Doctor Who entitled The Power Of Three will trace The Doctor's relationship with Rory and Amy over the period of a year and how he frequently pops in and out of their lives whisking them away on adventures but as  they get older although time doesn't necessarily appear to move on.

Of Course Rory and Amy are not the first companions to be affected in this manner although usually The Doctor's journeys with friends have appeared to be continuous leading from one scenario to another.

In the classic series,  few regulars had the chance to return to The Doctor's adventures more than once, that is except UNIT regulars Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton.

The late Nicholas Courtney who portrayed The Brigadier made his debut as a Colonel in 1968's The Web of Fear before returning once again in The Invasion before making a permanent return in Spearhead From Space following The Doctor's exile to earth in the TV series at the beginning of 1970.

His final appearance in the Classic Doctor Who series was in 1989's Battlefield although he would resurrect the role of the Brig in several radio and TV spin-offs including The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Brigadier was last mentioned when the Eleventh Doctor learned of his passing in last years The Wedding Of River Song. 

Check out The Power Of Three for a further Brigadier connection...

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