Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Grandad's Century

Me with my Grandad around 1970
One hundred years ago today, my Grandfather, Albert Spence was born in West Witton, North Yorkshire. I find it significant to remember him because I frequently do and fondly at that.

He was probably the most positive male influence I had in my life when I was growing up, although saying that he certainly wasn't always right about everything but then again he wasn't always wrong neither.

He had lots of old fashioned Yorkshire values, he knew lots about plants, gardening  and birds and I wish I'd listened to him more. There are mainly positive memories I have of him now, not rose-tinted, but positive.

I only have to see an old episode of All Creatures Great and Small, a photograph of the Yorkshire Dales and my mind is taken back to a simpler time.

My most vivid  memories of him are the letters and sweet parcels he would send myself and my sister from his shop in the Yorkshire Dales, this would usually be accompanied by a copy of Pippin when I was small, then Beano as I got older while my sister usually got a Dandy.

He was my Grandad and I loved him very much and thankfully in life there are some things that never change, even when we are ultimately all separated .

He died in 1990, but his memory lingers on and is as fresh to my mind as ever. Happy Birthday Grandad.

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