Monday, 10 September 2012

Mono Monday: Hush by Joe South

The passing of popular American singer/songwriter Joe South on September 5 at the age of 72 immediately brought to mind two great singles Joe recorded in the late 1960s.

South is of course best remembered for his 1969 country rock single Games People Play which peaked at No.6 in the UK singles chart. As great as that single is (always popular on my iPod) there is also his own version of Hush, a track he wrote for Deep Purple  and released twice as a single for the UK chart (first in 1969 and again 1970).

If ever the title of the one that got away should be applied to a record, Joe South's own rendition of Hush is surely deserved with guitar echo intro, a driven bass, catchy melody and rocking vocals, and yet despoite much airplay at the time (and its reissue) and championed by the likes of Radio 1 DJ Alan Freeman the record never charted.

Of course, Deep Purple took the rsong into the charts twice, though Joe South's remains the definitive version.


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