Monday, 17 September 2012

Mono Monday: I Can't Let Go by The Hollies

One of my favourite records from the 1960s has to be The Hollies version of Chip Taylor/Al Gorgini's I Can't Let Go, originally recorded by Evie Sands.

Reaching number two in 1966 this sums up everything great about 60s pop records. At just under two and a half minutes its the ideal length, has a fabulous guitar sound, close harmonies and even Paul McCartney one said that he thought that Graham Nash's "Baby Please" vocal was a horn. Its easy to see why, I also thought that until I read Paul's comment some years back!

There is a stereo version but this lacks the same power and energy of The Hollies mono original and the urgency of that opening jamming guitar chord and the terrific guitar solo.

Check it out!

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