Sunday, 9 September 2012

Review: Doctor Who - Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

"How do you start a Triceratops?" asks The Doctor in the latest Doctor Who episode Dinosaurs On A  Spaceship.

Good question! and surprisingly  not a situation The Doctor has encountered before in his 11 incarnations although he has brushed with dinosaurs before!

This new episode is awash with twists and turns with The Doctor and an assembled cast of friends including Queen Nefertiti, Edwardian explorer John Riddell and his good friends Amy and Rory (plus Rory's Dad) assembled to prevent an earthbound spaceship been blown out of the sky by the Indian Space Agency.

Not only is Chris Chibnall's story full of adventure there are some smiles along the way too, particularly delivered by Matt Smith's wonderful Doctor.

The Spaceship is not your average type of craft and as The Doctor soon discovers not only houses a variety of prehistoric creatures but two characteristically stupid robots and a sinister black marketeer.

With robots (voiced by Mitchell and Webb) akin to Hitch-Hikers and a well rounded ensemble of characters there is much to enjoy about Dinosaurs in a Spaceship as well as a throwback to some old Doctor Who villains. A scene in which The Doctor and his friends are chased by a swarm of Pterodactyls makes great viewing and Mark Williams (Rory's Dad) , Rupert Graves (Riddell) and Riann Steele (Nefertiti) lend strong and individual support to the well established Doctor, Rory and Amy team. David Bradley is also brilliantly unpleasant as Solomon although time constraints on the story obviously result in him showing his nasty side a bit quicker than would be expected.

However there's an unexpected twist at the end which makes you wonder if The Doctor is undergoing another change of persona...

If you want further prehistoric Doctor Who adventure be sure to check out Doctor Who and The Silurians and Doctor Who: Invasion Of The Dinosaurs.

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